MoboPlayer v1.1.137 Build

برنامج مشغل فيديو جديد مع مميزات جديده ويشغل صيغات كثيره ويعرض الفيديو هات بشكل رائع وجميل وترك التجربه لكم

الاضافات الجديده في البرنامج

Mobo 1.1.137 Build (2011-04-01)

Optimization: speed up the scan time library
Optimization: speed up thumbnail display speed, a list of more fluid interface slip
Added: Modify the style of pop-up menu, more beautiful and easy to use
Add: allows you to modify the background color of the main interface
New: View the playlist has been created
Added: horizontal screen display thumbnails using cascading
Added: When playing with multiple audio, subtitles file, automatically prompted to select
Added: Support for Library Classification display
Add: video continuous playback
Add: You can file a separate memory for each set the brightness and sound
Added: option to allow off "gesture adjust the brightness and sound"
Review: In the media library interface can choose to play the file open
Review: the Settings button to move to the pop-up menu
Fix: loading screen button will appear when the bug FC
Fixed: Some files playback hardware solutions can not automatically adapt to the bug resolution
Fix: Open from the File Manager can not load subtitles and video recording and playback time, the problem can not be
Fix: Empty records can open the player last played video and still playback the progress of the problem
Fix: continuously press the Menu button during playback on several occasions prompted the question.
Repair: volume key to adjust the volume or play schedule set
Fix: Empty the media library is back to the main interface problem of abnormal
Fix: Delete the list of exceptions when the movie bug

High-end version of V7 Neon applies to:

للاجهزه الي تحتوي على معالج قوي

Meizu: M9
Google: Nexus One
HTC: Desire、Desire HD 、EVO、Incredible
Moto: Milestone、XT800
Samsung: Galaxy S
Sony Ericsson: X10
Acer: Liquid
Other high-end ARM V7 CPU use Android device

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Version of the medium V6 VFP applies to:

للاجهزه الي معالجها متوسطه

HTC: Lengend
Samsung: i5700
Few other devices ARMV6 VFP

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